Test revision advice

Things you can ignore

The 2019 law test for 2006MAPA will NOT deal with the following chapters of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists (23rdedition):

1, 5, 17, 23, 24, 28,32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39 and 40.

Data protection… it’s a bit out of data (geddit?)

Data protection law has changed since your law books were published, so there will not be any specific questions on the detail of this topic. In longer test answers you may want to say that data protection law applies, that data must be processed fairly, that people have a right to access their personal data, and that the new law is called the General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR. The broad requirements are the same but in some cases, different terms are now used.

The key topics

The main areas of law are, as in the first year, defamation and contempt of court, along with privacy. Note that Simon is keen on “open justice” (chapter 14), but only the broad principles.

The test deals with ethics as well as the law, so chapters 2 and 3, on press and broadcast regulation, are worth reading in full so you are familiar with them. Note that the Editors’ Code is near the back of the book in full; the Ofcom code is not given in full but there is quite detailed explanation of the most important parts of the code in chapter 3.

Don’t try to learn the whole book

Remember, a general understanding should save you time thinking about where to find answers, but you should not need to “revise” by learning lots of individual facts by heart. You cannot expect to do this: there is simply too much. The point of the test is to check you can find information in the book and make sense of it, sometimes drawing from more than one chapter within an answer.

Know your way around the book

A good way to get a general understanding is to read each chapter summary and maybe the first page or two of each chapter, and then look at the Recap at the end of each chapter (on a blue background). You could also skim through, noting the blue headlines, for chapters you think will be important.

Besides the various chapters, parts of the book you might well use in the test are Contents, Human Rights Act, Editors’ Code, Glossary, and Index. Find out where they are before the test.

Things you must know?

There are some things you really should know. These are set out in burgundy (deep red) text in the briefings under the Key Topics and Other Topics headings on the Media Law Matters website at www.m42mc.wordpress.com.

That’s all, folks (or maybe not)

This advice may be updated. You will be told about any significant change via the News section of the module Moodle pages.

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