IPSO arbitration means max £100 to complain

The Independent Press Standards Organisation introduced an arbitration scheme in November 2017, as urged by the Leveson Report, to enable members of the public to complain against publications without the prohibitive expense of going to court. Complaints cost £50 up front and another £50 if they go to a final ruling; but publishers found “guilty” face paying out up to £50,000 (still far less than a libel case might cost). Complaints under the Editor’s Code remain free. Read more from IPSO here.


Growing list of countries accused of suppressing media

The Guardian reports that “supposedly” free countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Kenya, Poland, Hungary and Cambodia are joining totalitarian states in inhibiting media freedom. It says journalists now “self-censor, use pseudonyms or seek pre-approval from officials” before publishing. Read its article here

IPSO issues guidance on deaths and inquests

New advice on reporting deaths was issued by the Independent Press Standards Organisation in November 2017, in response to tragedies and rising requests for guidance from journalists. It covers inquests, funerals; writing obituaries; and breaking the news of a death. Read a press release here and see the guidance here.


Foreign content on UK sites not subject to IPSO

Stories produced by overseas bureau but published by British news websites should not be subject to regulation in Britain unless they deal with UK topics, the Independent Press Standards Organisation has agreed. Read more