National government presentation

Hand-in deadline: midnight on 28 November 2014

Assessment CW2: a PRESENTATION on an aspect of national government. This coursework carries 30% of the module mark.

Students are required individually to research and prepare a fifteen-minute presentation, on an aspect of national government, either in the UK or their home country (note that for the purposes of this assignment, UK national governments include the assemblies for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The presentation must be submitted in RECORDED format and last between 10 and 15 minutes. Use of Powerpoint and other visual and audio technology is encouraged. The presentation should be submitted in digital format, with any web link submitted via Moodle. If material is to be posted to the internet, copyright terms must be observed on any content not created by the student.

Students must choose an issue related to their specialist pathway within in the Specialist Journalism MA (automotive, health or global).

Students will be marked on the quality and depth of the research and their understanding of the role of government in the issue addressed.

Marking will be weighted as follows:

  • 40%: understanding of the chosen issue
  • 40% understanding of the role of government
  • 20% effectiveness of the presentation (note this will reflect the level of clarity and interest; it is not intended to give substantial weight to technical proficiency).

This assignment carries a weighting of 30% of the overall module mark.

It assesses the following learning outcome:

  • Students will demonstrate an appropriate knowledge of central government and its workings.


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