Example of a radio two-way script

This is an example of a two-way script. Note that in this case the reporter’s answers are not fully scripted, but the script MUST give the line the reporter will use to introduce each clip. Note also the catchline, Heyford Two Way. The catchline must be included on the script.

This two-way was broadcast on BBC Radio Oxford. An edited recording can be heard here (5.54 minutes into the recording). Note that the reporter’s name has been deleted from the cue in this recording.



The battle of Upper Heyford finally and very quietly came to an end last night, after 17 years of wrangling that has left people living in limbo, not knowing whether their homes were to be demolished. Those bungalows on the old RAF base have been spared. I’m joined by our reporter Simon Pipe, who’s been covering this story for more than a decade.

Q) It’s been an extraordinary saga…

ANSWER: It has. There’s been lots of political intrigue over the years. Last F1-11 flew out in 93… first plans 1994. Hardly anything changed – water tower, high fences

… this was Councillor George Reynolds speaking last night.

CLIP:  Heyford Reynolds
OUT:  … for millions of pounds worth of expenses
DUR: 17 secs

Q)  And while all this has been going on, people have been living in their homes on the base, not knowing what the future holds?

A) It’s been very uncertain time. Lady gardener plants in flower pots. Developers planned to demolish. won appeal. Some would not be rehoused. New owner. Keep houses. Needed planning consent. Given last night.

… councillor James MacNamara says it’s good news.

CLIP: Heyford MacNamara
OUT: … gives them some certainty
DUR: 11 secs

Q)  So the uncertainty has vanished?

A) That’s what people are saying. It takes away a layer of uncertainty … but this was the reaction from residents today

CLIP:  Heyford resident
OUT: … can stay in our houses
DUR:  7 secs

BACK ANNO:  And you can read more about that story, and see a gallery of pictures, on our website at bbc.co.uk forward-slash Oxford.

(note that when it was broadcast, this two-way lasted longer; it would have finished with the reporter’s voice rounding up the story. The final clip has been edited)

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