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Video: key legal issues for the media

In a 12-minute film, Professor Duncan Bloy summarises legal challenges for journalists and community media, including defamation, copyright, reporting sex offences, and privacy. Note that a legal right to film council meetings has been established since this film was made in April 2014. Watch here

Media can automatically challenge restrictions

New guidance on reporting restrictions issued in June 2014 set out to explain changes to court procedures for both the media and the judiciary. In future, the media must automatically be given the opportunity to challenge proposed reporting restrictions; and teachers are given automatic anonymity in case of complaints from pupils, until proceedings start.

Read a summary from HoldTheFrontPage law column here

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New McNae’s covers bribery, inquests and libel

Bribery, misconduct in public office, access to court material and changes in the law affecting the media are covered in the new, 22nd edition of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists. The new areas of law include access to court material, coroners’ rules, reporting restrictions in the magistrates’ courts, and the Defamation Act 2013 (UK Press Gazette, June 2014). Read more

Co-author Mike Dodd wrote that journalists were at increasing risk of being prosecuted, rather than merely sued, because of new laws such as the Bribery Act and others prompted by new technology (HoldTheFrontPage). Read more