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Data Protection Bill ‘threatens journalism’

The Data Protection Bill making its way through Parliament in late 2017 could remove an exemption enjoyed by journalists under the current Act, meaning they can “process” sensitive information in breach of the normal rules, as long as it is for a story they believe is in the public interest. Read Roy Greenslade’s Guardian blog post on this here.

Note: this website may or may not carry updates as this bill progresses. Students should check if need be. 


‘Save our sources’ fight against police snooping

Press Gazette launched a campaign to protect news sources after revelations that the police considered it legal to secretly obtain journalists’ phone records. It said it breached the right to freedom of expression, which included the right to protect sources (September 2014). Read more

Nick Davies, who exposed phone hacking, said police should have gone before a judge to justify examining a Sun journalist’s phone records. He said journalists targeted by public authorities should check whether their records had been snooped on. Read more

Police tracked Sun calls to unmask news sources

Police circumvented a law that protected journalists’ sources to secretly examine journalists’ phone records, using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Press Gazette, September 2014). Read more

Three whistleblowing officers were sacked as a result – despite escaping prosecution on public interest grounds. The Metropolitan Police defended the action. Read more

Liberty said unfettered use of the power was a worry for free speech. Read more