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An artist sketching in Corrie sex trial?

The Sun reports that producers of Coronation Street got things badly wrong when they showed an artist sketching an alleged rape victim as she gave evidence. It couldn’t happen in real life. Why would it be illegal – on two counts? Check your answers here


Sisters go public on years of rape

Victims of sex abuse have anonymity for life, even if the abuse is not proved in court – unless they choose to go public. Very rarely, it does happen, but as The Argus newspaper says, it is delicate to negotiate and care must be taken to protect other people. Read more

Modern Slavery victims now anonymous for life

Victims of crimes under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 now have the same right to lifelong anonymity as victims of alleged sex offences. This includes victims of alleged human trafficking crimes including child porn, illegal organ donation, forced prostitution, forced labour and domestic servitude, says the HoldTheFrontPage law column. Read more