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Parody and mockery okay under copyright law

Parody and pastiche involve copying someone else’s creative work to some extent, which should breach copyright law. That in itself would infringe the human rights of the person making the parody. But as of 2014, English law allows an exemption for parody as long as certain tests are met, according to the website Keep Calm and Talk About Law. Read more

Double libel costs even when defendants win?

Publishers could have to pay costs for both sides in defamation cases even if they win, if Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 is enacted. Along with “no win, no fee” actions, this could have a severely chilling effect on the ability of regional publishers to defend actions, says the HoldTheFrontPage law column. It could be challenged on human rights grounds, it says. Read more

Bill of Rights ‘could restore media freedoms’

The European Convention on Human Rights has taken away many long-established media freedoms in Britain “without a moment’s debate in Parliament”, says Press Gazette’s Cleland Thom. He lists 13 examples here. A Bill of Rights, proposed by Conservatives, could give US-style protection for media freedom, he says.

Media bodies back fight against ‘snooping’

Editors, media organisations, a lawyer and a former police chief have  supported Press Gazette’s Save Our Sources campaign, launched after the Metropolitan Police used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to search The Sun’s phone records in secret.

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